Waxing & Hair Removal


Waxing Face & Body for Her & For Him     

Florencia is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Petaluma, a charming town in Sonoma County. Since 1999, Florencia has offered therapeutic, clinical, and pampering skincare treatments; full body and face waxing; Brazilian waxing. A warm, inviting environment and a quiet, tranquil atmosphere are waiting for you at Florencia

Hair removal with wax and sugary substances has been used for centuries to promote smoother skin and refined hair growth. In parts of Europe and the Middle East today razors are not even owned and waxes and sugars are used exclusively.

Florencia is known for the best waxing technique. Say “good bye” to your unwanted hair. Florencia uses a highest quality azulene depilatory gel, so hair removal involves just a minimum amount of discomfort. Once you experience waxing at Florencia, you would not think of any other type of hair removal and nowhere else but at Florencia.

Reasons to wax: Hygienic; Grooming your body is no different from getting  a haircut; Improves your look; Beneficial for sport activities … and more


1.Stop using Retin-A products at list 1 week before waxing, AHA or BHA products 24 hours before waxing.

2. No sunbathing 24 hours prior waxing.

3. Be clean, but no long hot shower, sauna, or hot tub use right before waxing.

4. Be dry: no lotions or deodorants.

5.Length of hair no less than 1/2 of an inch.

6. Be comfortable, wear loose clothing.


1. To prevent infection – No: sunbathing, pool, Jacuzzi, bath or sauna, physical activities which increase perspiration,  any kind of sexual activity for 24 hours.

2. To prevent ingrown hairs: exfoliate.

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Waxing for Him:

Male Face Waxing Therapies:

Male Eyebrow Wax – $22.00

Male Nostril Wax – $10.00 & up

Male Ear Waxing – $15.00 & up

Male Hairline Wax – $15.00 & up


Male Upper Body Waxing Therapies:                                                                                                                         

Male Half Arm Wax (Upper or Lower)-$40.00 & up

Male Underarm Waxing- $30.00 & up

Male Hand Wax $15.00 & up

Male Full Back Wax- (Upper, lower back, shoulders) $65.00 & up

Male Lower Back Wax-$35.00 & up

Male Upper Back Wax (includes shoulders) – $45.00 & up

Male Neck Wax- $25.00 & up

Male Full Chest Wax- (includes chest & stomach )- $55.00 & up

Male Chest Wax- $40.00 & up

Male Abdominal Wax- $45.00 & up


Male Lower Body Waxing Therapies:                                                                                                                     

Male Full Leg Wax- $95.00 & up

Male Lower Half Leg Wax- $47.00 & up

Male Upper Legs- $55.00 & up

Male Feet Wax- $25.00 & up


Male Intimate Waxing Therapies:

Male Bikini Wax – $40.00 & up

Male Buttock Cheeks Waxing – $40.00 & up

Male Full Buttocks Waxing (include Buttocks & between buttock cheeks) $65.00 & up

Male Full Brazilian Waxing – $85.00 & up

Male Full Body Waxing Treatments $325.00 & up


Waxing for Her:
Eyebrow Shaping – $25.00

Eyebrow Clean-up – $20.00

Upper Lip or Chin Area – $11.00                                                                                                                                  

Cheeks or Jaws – $15.00

Full Face – $55.00

Underarms – $25.00

Forearms – $37.00

Full Arms – $42.00

Hands & Fingers – $10.00

Feet & Toes – $10.00

Bikini Line – $35.00 and up

Brazilian Bikini – $60.00 and up

Upper Legs – $45.00 and up

Upper Legs and Bikini – $65.00 and up

Upper Legs and Brazilian – $85.00 and up

Lower Legs – $45.00 and up

Full Legs – $70.00 and up

Full Legs & Bikini Line – $85.00 and up

Full Legs and Brazilian Bikini – $110.00 and up

Please call to make an appointment, or if you have any question.   We will be happy to tell you more and give you all answers over the phone.

The Brazilian waxing  is one the most requested treatments. Florencia’s technique  and waxing products will make your experience (even if it is your first time waxing) comfortable and easy .  No need to worry, let us take care of you. You will leave Florencia hair-free with smooth beautiful skin.

We work by appointment only.