About Us

Florencia Collection kingdom where Life is Beautiful. Enjoy a beautiful journey. Make every day special.


is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Petaluma, a charming town in the Sonoma County California Wine Country.
Since 1999, Florencia® has offered therapeutic, clinical and pampering skin care treatments to fulfill your primary skin needs; MiCo Michelle’s Cosmetics product line, which combines the latest in scientific research with the timeless value of organic old-world botanicals, helps your skin look radiant and healthy; Florencia Collection fragrance line formulated with unique, natural fragrance oils and absolutes, because we believe IT DOES MATTER WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN.

It doesn’t matter who we are, how old we are or what we do, we always want to look good and healthy. Skin care – Facials and Home Routine – is very important for our emotional and physical well-being, for our self esteem and confidence. When our skin is glowing and our complexion is radiant, we feel good. Skin is the largest organ of our body that reflects everything and anything that happens to us. Stress, illness, hormonal change, age change, season change…our skin, like a mirror shows it all.

Florencia’s skin care products and cosmetics “MiCo Michelle’s Cosmetics” for professional use in our treatment rooms will make you feel an look great. Florencia’s facials and treatments with MiCo products will make your skin happy. Florencia, as Petaluma spa, offers you heavenly relaxing spa facials and clinical skin renewal treatments, face and full body waxing. Visit Florencia and you will be surprised to see how many benefits you can get just from one treatment.

Florencia offers you a full spectrum of MiCo Michelle’s Cosmetics products – from cleanser and moisturizing face cream to blemish cream treatment and shine control – for home use.Your home routine is very important to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. Florencia’s skin care product specialist will be happy to help you to choose a home routine for your skin.Keep your skin at its best with Florencia’s MiCo Products and personalized professional skin care.

Florencia Collection Life is Beautiful ® perfume invites you to experience a Touch of Elegance, a beautiful, magical journey into a delightful world of unique & natural fragrance oils. PLEASE NOTE, to experience the full aroma of Florencia Collection® perfumes REQUIRES CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN. You will notice a different aroma of notes (even top notes) in the vial, in the air, or on a tester strip, than you would on your skin. Florencia Collection® will bring you smiles and happiness even on a cloudy day and will make every day special. Florencia Collection® perfumes formulated for any taste and spirit, time of day or year, to compliment any emotion and desire.

Florencia’s® philosophy: “Life is Beautiful, We Strive to Make You Feel and Look Great!”®